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Are You Facing Charges For Online Harassment?

In 2009, Texas criminalized certain types of online behavior, classifying these behaviors as “online harassment.” Depending on the type of activity you are accused of, you could be charged with either a Class A misdemeanor or a third-degree felony. That is why it is critical to work with an experienced defense lawyer if you are charged with online harassment.

Based in McKinney, lawyer Richard Weaver understands online harassment laws and can help protect your rights if you are accused of violating it. He knows how tough prosecutors are on those accused of Internet crimes in Collin County. He is aggressive and creative in building defenses that are unique to each client. His knowledge of the emerging area of Internet crime is a valuable asset for his clients.

To speak to board-certified criminal defense attorney Richard Weaver about charges of online harassment, call 972-562-0935 or contact his law firm online.

Activities That May Be Classified As Online Harassment

The new Texas statute on online harassment is broad. It criminalizes the following acts:

  • Creating an account on Facebook, Twitter or other social media site under someone else’s name or persona, if the purpose of creating the account was to harm, defraud, intimidate or threaten any person
  • Sending an email or text message purported to be from someone else with the intent of harming or defrauding any person

Examples of conduct that has been prosecuted already include posting an ex-girlfriend’s photos on an adult website, posting someone else’s personal contact information online and creating a fake Facebook account and then harassing or bullying people online.

When defending against charges of online harassment and other Internet crimes, Richard Weaver matches the intensity of prosecutors. Because the law usually lags behind changes in technology, prosecutors often get “creative” in trying to take a certain behavior and present it as a violation of existing law. Attorney Weaver knows how to counteract this creativity, often using evidence rules and search and seizure law to defeat a case before it really gets started.

Accused Of Online Bullying? Contact Richard Weaver Now For A Free Consult.

If you have been charged with online harassment or any other Internet crime in Collin County, do not hesitate to reach out for legal help. To arrange your free initial consultation with an experienced Texas criminal defense lawyer, call 972-562-0935 or contact Richard Weaver online.

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