Protecting Juveniles From Criminal Convictions

If you or your child has been charged with a juvenile crime, you have options for creating the best possible juvenile defense. From minimizing the immediate consequences to maintaining a clean record, an experienced attorney can help you understand your full range of options. At the McKinney Law Office of Richard Weaver, you will find a firm that strives for positive, immediate and long-term results.

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Decades Of Experience On Your Side

With over 45 years of experience handling juvenile defense cases in McKinney and north Texas, attorney Richard Weaver understands the challenges of handling a criminal case in Texas juvenile court. He works closely with his clients in order to develop a close relationship, so they know they have a place to go with their concerns.

There are many things that can be done to help you minimize the impact of a possible conviction and keep your record clean. Juvenile defense lawyer Richard Weaver has handled a variety of cases for young adults, including the following charges:

One of the most important things for juvenile offenders is to keep their record clean after a drug offense, theft or burglary charge. By filing a motion to seal records, you can keep your criminal record clean, even if you are convicted in juvenile court.

Under juvenile law, there is deferred prosecution as well. Whether you face charges as a minor in possession or for underage DUI, you can avoid being formally charged as a juvenile. If you reach the District Attorney’s Office on time, you could handle your case outside of the juvenile court system, before the case is ever filed. It is important to act quickly if you would like to take advantage of deferred prosecution.

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Coming up with the best possible juvenile defense can be hard on any family. At the McKinney offices of Richard Weaver, you will meet directly with your attorney in a comfortable atmosphere. Calls are answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week, credit cards are accepted and all cases are given the attention they deserve. Call 972-562-0935 or send Richard Weaver an email today for a free initial consultation regarding your juvenile defense.

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