Collin County Board-Certified Criminal Law Attorney

When you step into the courtroom, you want an experienced criminal lawyer at your side. As a board-certified criminal attorney since 1988, Richard Weaver understands what it means to protect the rights of citizens accused. At the McKinney Law Office of Richard Weaver, you will meet directly with your attorney, whether you have been charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, in state or in federal court. Attorney Richard Weaver protects clients throughout the greater Collin County area.

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What Difference Can A Board-Certified Criminal Attorney Make For You?

With an extensive process to qualify for certification, a board-certified criminal attorney has demonstrated an in-depth knowledge and experience in Texas state and federal courts. Prior to a written examination, lawyers must have handled a minimum amount of cases in order to qualify for the honor. It is a mark of distinction just to take the examination given by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Additionally, board certification is something an attorney must continue to work at. It is not a one-time achievement. Every year a certified attorney must send in a statement demonstrating that a significant part of his or her practice is devoted to criminal law. Attorneys are then asked to recertify every five years. Judges continue to scrutinize competency as a criminal trial attorney and lawyers must take at least one hundred hours of CLE (Continuing Legal Education) classes between recertification, as well as make themselves subject to peer reviews.

He offers the same level of personal service and experience to clients in all criminal law practice areas.

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As a board-certified criminal attorney with over 45 years of experience, attorney Richard Weaver understands the importance of the client-lawyer relationship. Serving clients throughout the greater Dallas area, the Law Office of Richard Weaver offers a comforting, relaxed atmosphere where clients can feel confident talking to their attorney. Calls are answered 24 hours a day and credit cards are accepted. Contact the firm today for a free initial consultation. Call 972-562-0935.

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