Assistance With Writ Bonds / Writs Of Habeas Corpus

When someone is arrested in Plano, Frisco, Allen or Wylie, he or she may be detained in those cities’ jails overnight and delivered to the Collin County Detention Center the next morning. This delay in reaching the Collin County Detention Center results in the person not being arraigned by a magistrate until the next day.

Generally speaking, a person who is arrested is entitled to bail. Bail is essentially money put up by the accused as a kind of security: the accused posts bail and is released, but promises to appear in court later to answer the charges. If he or she does not show up, the money is forfeited and an arrest warrant is issued. Because bail is set at arraignment, a delay in arraignment means a delay in being released from jail.

In situations like this, an experienced criminal defense lawyer may be able to expedite the process so the accused can be released from jail. The tool to accomplish this is the writ of habeas corpus. Located in McKinney, criminal defense lawyer Richard Weaver is highly experienced in dealing with these writs and helping people regain their freedom.

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Frisco Jail Release Attorney — What If Bond Is Not Set?

In Collin County, if no bond is set and the arrested person does not want to wait in jail until a judge sets the bond, a lawyer can file a writ of habeas corpus to have the bond set. This is commonly known as a writ bond.

If the charge is a Collin County misdemeanor, a lawyer can help the arrested person get bail set before arraignment. The Collin County courts have predetermined bond amounts for misdemeanors, which may be set if the lawyer files the writ of habeas corpus for his or her client. The amounts currently are:

  • Class A misdemeanors: $500
  • DWI and DUI: $500
  • Class B misdemeanor: $350

Jail Release / Writ Bonds For Felonies

If a person is charged with a felony and has been unable to be arraigned by a magistrate, Mr. Weaver may be hired to contact a judge or magistrate and request a bond be set. The judge or magistrate will set a bond in an amount deemed appropriate based on the facts and information presented. An attorney or bonding company may be used to post the bond.

For Those Currently In Jail

If a person is confined in the Plano, Frisco, Allen or Wylie jail, Mr. Weaver may be able to have the person released by using the writ bond system. The bond and the writ must be posted at the Collin County Detention Center. Talk to attorney Weaver if you have questions about getting a loved one out of jail in Collin County.

Writ Bond / Jail Release Questions? Contact Attorney Richard Weaver.

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