The Skilled Criminal Defense You Need

If you have been charged with a state or federal offense in Texas, who you choose to defend you can change your future. Whether you have been arrested for a white collar crime, drug offense or a violent crime, the right criminal defense can make all the difference.

Located in historic downtown McKinney, the Law Office of Richard Weaver offers constitutional protection to citizens accused of crimes in Collin County and the surrounding areas.

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Entrust Your Defense With A Board-Certified Criminal Law Attorney

Handling criminal defense cases for over 45 years, criminal defense lawyer Richard Weaver has spent his entire career in McKinney. He understands the concerns of his clients, and he is familiar with the local state and federal courts. As a board-certified criminal defense lawyer, he offers state and federal offense protection against a variety of charges.

Do you need to clear your record? Mr. Weaver helps clients with expunctions, nondisclosures and other motions to seal records.

Located in McKinney for over 45 years, the Law Office of Richard Weaver offers professional and accessible legal services. Attorney Weaver believes in making clients comfortable from the moment they walk into his office. Trust and confidentiality are an important part of any lawyer-client relationship, and Richard Weaver will put you at ease with honesty and integrity from the moment you walk into his office.

A Strong Defense Against State And Federal Charges

Whether you have been charged with a state or federal offense, you want to do everything you can to lower the charges and minimize the potential consequences. From DUIs to sex crimes to Internet crimes, attorney Weaver handles a variety of criminal defense cases.

He also aggressively defends young people who have been accused of juvenile crimes.

Put A Proven Attorney On Your Side. Schedule A Free Case Review.

The representation of an experienced attorney can make all the difference in your criminal trial. With over 45 years of experience, attorney Richard Weaver will speak with you directly and make sure your rights are protected in court. His offices in McKinney answer phone calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week and accept credit cards. Call 972-562-0935 now or send the firm an email to request a free criminal defense consultation.

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