Your Steadfast Advocate In Federal Court

If you have been charged with a federal offense, you face a completely different set of obstacles than if you had been charged in state courts. With over 45 years of experience handling Texas state and federal offenses, attorney Richard Weaver understands how to create a defense for the federal courts of Texas. From his office in McKinney, he protects the rights of citizens accused throughout the Eastern District of Texas, including Tyler, Longview, Sherman Division and Beaumont.

Talk to board-certified criminal defense attorney Richard Weaver about your federal case as soon as you know you are under investigation. Call 972-562-0935 or send the firm an email.

A Board-Certified Criminal Law Attorney To Protect Your Rights

Collin County has had its own federal court in Plano since 2008. The court handles drug conspiracy, white collar crime and child pornography cases for the Eastern and Northern District of Texas. As a board-certified criminal defense attorney, Richard Weaver can help you protect your rights when you face a federal offense in Texas. He protects the rights of citizens accused in the following areas:

  • Drug conspiracy defense: Severe drug activities, such as drug conspiracy can lead to federal charges involving methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin and marijuana.
  • Sex crimes: Child pornography cases and other sex crimes often result in a federal offense. When this occurs, you want a criminal defense lawyer who understands the challenges you face.
  • White collar crime: If you have been charged with a federal white collar crime, such as mail theft or identity theft, you want the protection of a lawyer who has handled cases in federal court.
  • Weapons offenses: Federal weapon offenses, including felons in possession of firearms, are common in the Eastern District of Texas. Attorney Richard Weaver has handled a variety of weapons offense cases in the federal courts of Eastern Texas.

With a new federal court house in Collin County, the counsel of a criminal defense lawyer familiar with the area is invaluable. Attorney Richard Weaver has spent his entire over 45 years career in McKinney.

Contact A Board-Certified Criminal Law Attorney Now

Whether you face state or federal charges in Texas, you want to feel like you can talk openly with your defense lawyer. At the McKinney Law Office of Richard Weaver, you will speak to your attorney in a comfortable atmosphere as you come up with the best possible defense. Calls are answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week and credit cards are accepted. Contact Richard Weaver today for a free initial consultation regarding your federal case. Call 972-562-0935. Your first consultation is free.

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