Child Protective Services Cases: Protection For Your Children

Have your children or grandchildren been taken by Child Protective Services?

CPS was established to protect the welfare of children, but this agency may make mistakes and overstep its bounds. Under Texas law, parents cannot be deprived of their children against their will unless there are extraordinary circumstances.

The Law Office of Richard Weaver in McKinney stands up for parents’ rights and grandparents’ rights. Having your relationship with your children threatened is one of the most devastating experiences. Richard Weaver is a skilled family law attorney who can help you protect what matters most.

Contact Richard Weaver as soon as you know you are at risk of losing your children. Call 972-562-0935 or contact him online for a free consultation.

Can You Fight CPS?

As soon as you are threatened by CPS, talk to a lawyer about your options. The sooner you have a professional on your side, fighting for your parental rights, the more opportunity there is to make things right.

Child Protective Services can only take your children if there is proof of child neglect, child abuse, abandonment or other similar issues that indicate you are an unfit parent.

With over 45 years of legal experience, Richard Weaver is prepared to fight for your rights and do everything he can to keep your family together.

Having your parenting skills questioned is not easy. And facing the potential removal of your children by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services can be too much to bear. When you entrust something this important to attorney Richard Weaver, he will commit fully to helping you keep your children in your home.

Schedule A Free Consultation About Your CPS Case

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